In recent years, in Crete, a move has been formed towards the return of gastronomy to the traditional Cretan diet. A diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables and on Cretan land products. Animal and cheese origin products from the famous local production. Our cuisine is based on old flavors presented in a new and modern look.

Cretan Diet

The Cretan diet is not just dishes on a table, it is a life philosophy. It refers to the Cretan way of life, whereas food includes a whole culture. The Cretan diet is simultaneously healthy and tasty, with recipes several hundred years old and at the same time with modern creative adaptations, made always with high quality pure products of the blessed Cretan Land. The

visitors of Nereas restaurant will enjoy an unforgettable experience of becoming part of the local welfare. The inhabitants of this hospitable land, have learned to honor their guests, with hospitality which for them is not just a habit but an offering. Along with this context of holy offering of hospitality, the ancient nutrition habits of the Cretan people have also developed in accordance to whatever the Cretan land has to offer: oil, grain, wine, honey, greens, herbs have become the base of the Cretan cuisine. A cuisine which, recent scientific studies have proved its health benefits and nutrition value. Around Crete, not only in touristic developed areas but as also in inland villages, a visitor has a great opportunity to enjoy the great Cretan cuisine. Fresh vegetables and fruits from our own farms, meat, olive oil, honey, are used for dishes prepared with knowledge, care and enthusiasm. A creative continuation of the Cretan tradition and a completion of your stay at SWELL BOUTIQUE HOTEL.